Improves Posture

     Sports medics have attributed a more upright and elegant posture to the continuous involvement of the supportive muscles as they are strengthened  and stretched.



Puts No Stress On Joints

       GYROTONIC® methods are beneficial for anyone suffering from joint pain because the unique way of securing the pulleys on the GXS machines allows movement without impact.



Leads To Better Co-Ordination

      The major muscle groups work together as well as interdependently, which, over time, leads to increased coordination with more efficient muscle recruitment.



Lifts Your Spirits

     Fans attribute increased energy and raised spirits to the circular, spiralling motions and specific individual breathing patterns, which help relax tight muscles and stiff joints.



Gives You Full Spinal Mobility

      GYROTONIC® movements free the spine to move in all directions, so improving back suppleness.

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